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Feeding your Puppy  
At OZ Kennels we feed all our puppies: 
*** Grain Free ***   Dry Puppy Food
After 1 year we switch to...........
 Grain-Free   Adult Dry Food 
Your puppy should eat three meals daily until they are about  three months old.  
Feeding times:   9:00 AM         1:00 PM         6:00 PM
Our puppies Bedtime : 9:30 PM


How to feed your puppy: 
Divide the required amount of daily food into three servings. Each puppy is different and you may have to adjust the amount you feed as needed. Fill a plastic container (that has a lid) about ½ full with dry puppy food; cover the puppy food with hot water. The food will absorb the water and become soft food ( store in refrigerater ).
Spoon out the amount of food needed to feed your puppy. Cover and refrigerate the food container for future use.
When it is feeding time take out what you need, and microwave food for a few seconds until the food is (slightly warm not hot)  check to be sure.............feed the moist food for the first week. 
To start out as a treat give your puppy some dried food, hand feed as a treat. Always watch to be sure he is able to eat it (without choking). When you feel comfortable that your puppy is eating the dry food with no problem you can start feeding him the dry food all the time!
Water be sure that your puppy has plenty of fresh water at all times. A couple hours before bedtime you may want to remove the water. By removing the water this will help in housetraining your puppy.
Take your puppy out to go potty 15-20 minutes after feeding;  this will vary with each puppy. 
Weight your puppy at least once a week. You can adjust the amount or food needed !
Check on the bag of puppy food to see what amount of food your puppy requires daily, the amount to feed will change as your puppy grows.
Best of luck with your new puppy. 
Thank you for giving our Fur Babies wonderful homes.
Many Blessings to you and your family!