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These are a few of the references and emails that I have recieved !

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To whom it may concern;

Mr. Randy Bertrand has been a client of mine for over ten years. I have been impressed by his responsible care of his breeding animals and their progeny. He is careful to ensure that his puppies go to good caring homes. Randy has many years of experience breeding Pedigreed dogs.

He strives to raise healthy animals which incorporate the following professional breeding credos: He provides excellent health preventative care for all breeding adults and their offspring. This is accomplished through maintaining a program of good nutrition, a timely vaccination program, and an anthelmintic schedule for his kennel. Above all he does not hesitate to seek veterinary advise should there be a health problem. 

I have visited his kennel in Hanoverton and found a meticulously clean and well organized facility. His animals seem very happy, well cared for and well socialized !  

Respectfully yours, Richard F. Nokes, DVM



To whom it may concern,

I wanted a puppy born and raised in the house, with lots of human interaction. Bred by someone who has been breeding a few years and knows the breed and their lines. I teach obedience classes and train service dogs, so temperament is crucial to me! My dogs must be social, trainable, gentle, and good with other dogs. It's also important that they can attend educational functions of all kinds, go into restaurants and stores and be comfortable and not a nuisance.

I bought a puppy from Randy Bertrand after searching for a Cairn Terrier for a couple of months.When I spoke to him, I liked his answers to all my questions. Randy stayed in touch with me weekly after I put a deposit on a puppy, sending me pictures and telling me how the litter was progressing. When I visited his home and kennels they were very clean and there was no odor anywhere. All his dogs were clean and happy and social. It is obvious that Randy takes very good care of his dogs and puppies, and he is a very reputable breeder. I also liked his contract.

I am very pleased with my puppy Gable. He has shown no health problems. He is happy, intelligent, very attuned to people and other dogs. He learns quickly ! He started working as a demonstration dog both in my classes and with disabled clients at the age of 3 months and has done a really good job. I would most definitely buy another Cairn form Randy.

Linda J. Smith  ( Paws With A Cause Field Trainer )



Hi Randy,

I just wanted to let you know how our puppy (Toby) is doing. He is doing great he is a ball of fire and a real joy to our family.We had him to the vet to get his check up and get his second vaccine, and recieved a clean bill of good health! The vet's office was very impressed with the puppy folder you gave us with his health records. They said they have never seen health records kept like that, so professional and easy to understand,they were very impressed with you as a breeder. I thought you would like to know what they said. We are very happy with Toby and with our experience working with you.

  Thank you, Art 



Dear Randy,

Thank you for your kind and thoughtful calls updating us about the birth of our puppy. We were so happy with the communication. You are without a doubt the nicest & most honest gentleman we have ever worked with. Thank you for keeping your word in letting us purchase our new puppy. We are just thrilled with him! You also have the cleanest & most organized kennel we have ever been to ! Thank you Randy. You even helped us by answering all of our questions. You are the best !!

Sincerely, Shani  M.



Hi Randy,

We are thrilled with our little guy. His name is now CHARLIE. We could not have been treated better, your kennel was so nice and clean your Cairns couldn't have it any better. One of the pictures sent to you was of " Charlie on the foot bridge" just to let you know. He is eating, sleeping and playing.

Thanks to OZ Kennels for making our family complete. Everyone was here Saturday  to meet Charlie, all wanting to take him home! Your place is beautiful and your dogs are so well cared for. We thank you for all the updates and we thank you for your kindness. We are very happy I will keep you updated. We are thinking about a future "friend" for Charlie.

Thank you again, Jim and Kathy S.  


Dear Randy, 

We love our newest member of the family ( it's been almost a year now:). Ozzie is a great dog! Wonderful with kids, other dogs and very strong! We can't get over how beautiful his teeth are and that his breath is not the typical dog breath! He is playful and yet snugly ! We are sure that these wonderful attributes are due to the healthy ancestry that you have created at OZ Kennels! Thank you ! We are sure to be repeat customers, as Brian has mentioned that Ozzie needs another playmate!

Sincerely, Sue M.



Hi Randy,

We couldn't be happier with our new puppy from OZ Kennels. She is a beautiful, happy and healthy Cairn Terrier puppy and was obviously well socialized and loved in her birth home ! Acquiring a puppy from OZ Kennels was a pleasant experience and we would purchase from you again.

Take care, that's it for now. Jack L.



Dear Randy,

We want to thank you for our beautiful Cairn puppy. He is doing very well adjusting to his new home. He just loves my daughter, he gets so excited when she comes home from school !  From the time he was born. you kept us updated and we felt we were part of the whole experience. Your phone calls and emails with pictures kept us well informed.

We were really impressed with your kennel, so clean and laid out so conveniently for the puppies. It was easy to see your love for all the puppies and I believe that is why our GIZMO is so affectionate ! Your puppies are reasonably priced and we were thankful for that.

I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for a loving puppy. Our GIZMO is very affectionate and not shy around people, and he adapted so easily to our home. The puppy folder with information about what to do was so helpful and potty training him has been easy.

Thank you again, Linda C.



Hi Randy,

Thanks so much for making time for us to visit your kennel. We are so excited about our new Cairn puppy, his name is going to be Max. It is also exciting to have a choice and that the puppy opened his eyes for us while we were there ! Your kennel is just so exceptionally clean and well organized, we could really tell how much you love your dogs by how socialized and well cared for they all were.

Thanks again Randy for all your time, I am so glad we connected with Oz Kennels !

Enjoy yours dogs !  Lisa B.




Connie and I wanted to thank you for all you've done. We just came back from the Vets and Winston is in perfect health ! He is eating well and using the bathroom regularly. He is also doing well with his crate training as well. He had his second set of shots and will be back for the next set in about a month. Once again thanks, and we will keep in touch. You are awwwwsome !

 Thanks once again, James and Connie A.



Hi Randy,

Puppy is doing great, and so are we. Your special place is that you are able to provide such a quality pet and purchasing experience for fellow animal lovers. We appreciate the good start you furnished this pup, Oni now ! The developmental information that you carefully assembled for our benefit is truly value-added.

We already love this wonderful little life that has been entrusted to our care. We will most likely provide you an occasional progress report.

Again, thank you so much!  Bill



Hi Randy,

Just wanted to tell you he slept almost the entire way home he is adjusting great . He didn't even cry last night ! He played with the grandkids this afternoon, he loves toys. He is just a great pup. I was very impressed with your kennel. You sure take good care of those little guys !

Thank you so much. Holly