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Guidelines for feeding your puppy. 
We feed our puppies
4Health (Grain-Free) Dry Puppy Food! 
Sold at Tractor Supply
Feeding :  
We advise that for at least the first week  you feed your Puppy
only dry food   (moistened with water).
First start off using dry puppy food as a treat. Hand feed one piece of dry food at a time. Always watch your puppy very closely to be sure the puppy is eating the dry food without chocking!
Changing the puppy food :
After the puppy is home for about two weeks and adjusted to the new surroundings, you can start to change the puppy food gradually if you desire.
For the first 3-4 days:   
Mix about ¾  to  ¼ other dry  puppy food together.
Next 3-4 days:           
 Mix  ½  and  ½ other dry puppy food together.
After about ten days the puppy can be (totally) on the puppy food of your choice!