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Purchasing A  New Puppy Is A Responsible Commitment.


Please realize the time and money required for your new addition to your family ! Your puppy will love you unconditionally and provide you with many hours of happiness and companionship. A puppy only asks in return that a comfortable safe place to sleep , fresh water, good quality food , toys , exercise , necessary vet care and lots of love and respect !

Puppies need to be taught good manners. Some puppies learn easily, others take more time and patience. It is your responsibly to see that your puppy is loved and cared for.

Please don’t let young children hold the puppy unless they are sitting down . A puppy can easily be dropped and hurt ! Children need to be taught to be careful and to love and respect the puppy. Do not bother the puppy while it sleeps , they require more sleep at a early age. Children need to learn that the puppy will become the best friend they can have , but they need to be taught how to love them. This needs to be taught by you.

If your puppy does get loose stools this could be happening because of the stress of a new home and all the new changes. If this happens give the puppy a teaspoon of Kaopectate ( safe to give ) or pumpkin ( 2-3 ) times a day. Make sure your puppy has plenty of fresh water at all times .

If your puppy has diarrhea and it is not improving within a day or so take your puppy to your Vet right away for medical attention. Even in seemly healthy puppies the stress of a new home can bring on Coccida . Coccida is diarrhea with small spots of blood and mucus in it. Do not get alarmed this can easily treated, a visit to the Vet is necessary for treatment.

Give your puppy some time to adjust . Make sure your puppy gets plenty of rest ! Your puppy is going thru a very trying time in the new surroundings right now. There is a lot of stress for the puppy being brought into a new home. Your puppy needs to adjust to all the changes , different schedule, different food or water. Some puppies adjust quicker than others give them time . Never grab for the puppy , this might frighten them . At this time you need to build trust with the puppy and make them feel safe ! Let the puppy get used to coming to you . Teach them to come to you , start to call them by their name !

 Good Luck With Your New Puppy !