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Housetraining Your Puppy 


Do not spank your puppy , when he makes a mistake !

They are too young to understand. By handling it in this matter will only make your puppy withdrawn , and be afraid of you and other people ! If your puppy is afraid of you it will only make it more difficult on both of you !               

Training your puppy to go potty outdoors may seem like a daunting task ! With some time and patience, you shouldn’t have any trouble. The most important aspect of training is consistency.

Crate training makes the housetraining job much easier.

Confining your puppy to a crate while you are not around will not only protect him from hazards in the house . This will also help your puppy to learn to hold urine and bowel movements.

After about 12 weeks your puppy should be able to sleep through the night in the crate.

You must be REASONABLE about your expectations for your puppy however. A young puppy can’t stay in a crate for 8-10 hours a day while everyone is away at work. Very young puppies need to go outside every 2 to 3 hours so plan accordingly.

You can start training your puppy from day one.

Positive reinforcement is the key to the training process. Most puppies are motivated by food, or some small treats or even some pieces of dry puppy food works really well. Take your puppy outside, set him where you would like him to go potty. When your puppy goes potty outside act like it is the greatest thing you have ever seen ! Praise him and give him a treat. Every time he goes potty outside do this. This will help to make it easier for you to train your puppy . Anytime a puppy eats something, he will need to go outside.

 Don’t let your puppy nibble on a bowl of food all day long, you will find the housetraining process extremely discouraging !

Get your puppy on a schedule , feed your puppy small meals ( 3 times per day ) .This will be easier, keep a eye on your puppy . Your puppy will need to go potty shortly after eating , usually within about 20-30 minutes .Put your puppy’s food away from toys , or your puppy will became distracted . He must realize that when the food is being placed for him it is time to eat, not play . Leave food for the puppy for ½ hour , then take the food away ! Get in the habit of taking your puppy out after every meal.

Most puppies are easy to house train, but can have a small lapse in training around 12-14 weeks. Like children , you need to be patient they must be taught . If your puppy is doing really well and suddenly has a few a accidents or a day or two don’t worry or get upset with your puppy this is not uncommon to happen!

Remember it does take time for your puppy to be completely housebroken .

Some may take a little bit longer then others to housebreak . It will be much easier if you just take it a day at a time , before you know it everything will fall into place . You must be patient ! Sometimes the puppy gets too involved in playing , or is excited and doesn’t think about going potty outside . Keep a watch on the puppy at all times, they should never be left unattended .

Watch for changes in your puppy’s behavior, if the problem persists there could be a medical problem.

Puppies can develop bladder infections. If your puppy is extremely difficult to train or was trained previously and is now having accidents talk with your Vet ; there may be a health problem . Do not wait too long to take your puppy to the Vet if the puppy is not feeling well. If after a day or so there is a issue with your puppy , take your puppy to your Vet for a exam right away !

Puppies are fragile do not wait too long to get your puppy to your Vet. If you wait to long it may result into more serious health problems for your puppy . When you notice a change in your puppy that does not improve in a day or so take your puppy to your Vet right away to receive proper medical attention !


Best of Luck to you, enjoy your new Puppy !