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Welcome to OZ....................


OZ Kennels is a very small family owned kennel 

We are hobby breeders and raise wonderful family pets with lots of love and pride!



** All our breeding Adults are purebred Cairn Terriers **

 ******** All our Puppies are sold as Family Pets ONLY ********

No Breeding rights!


***We have the right to refuse to sell a puppy to anyone for any reason***



**** Removing Dew Claws ***

We no longer remove the Dew Claws at OZ Kennels! 

My thoughts about this..........

The removal of "dew claws" on puppies is a very controversial subject ! This procedure has been know and can cause severe issues with surgical removal. Dew claw removal , is even illegal in some countries to perform! This can sometimes be a very "high risk" procedure for newborn puppies, and cause other issues in the future too!

These are my thoughts and feelings about this very painful procedure.This procedure is mostly for cosmetic reasons, we used to have this done with all our puppies in the past but we are no longer removing dew claws on our puppies!

This is not only very stressful for the newborn puppies, but also their new Mom too.

Vets using  local anesthetic or sedatives, (sometimes sutures are needed because they have to cut into the bone) this added "stress" placed on these newborn puppies at (3 days old ) can even cause death in some smaller newborn puppies. I have seen "first hand" that this procedure is highly stressful on newborns puppies! By doing this, it can weaken the puppies where they can no longer nurse and can and even die! There are far more cons then pros with removing the dew claws !!! 


*** Our puppies go to their new homes at between ( 8-10 ) weeks old ***


I am only a bark away......  

I am close by when one of my "Fur Kids" needs some little extra special attention......




***Thank you for viewing our web-site***

Randy Bertrand  & Steve Edwards


EMAIL: Randy1054@aol.com