OZ Kennels Purchase Agreement

Randy Bertrand 



Email: Randy1054@aol.com


Breed: Cairn Terrier                                               Date of Birth:______________________

Dam: _____________________________________Sire:________________________________________

Sex / Color: Female:_____________________________ Male:____________________________________ 

Purchase Price:______________________  Amount of ( Non- refundable deposit )  ___________________

Balance due: __________________Date paid in full : _____________________



All our puppies are sold as pets only.

Limited  CKC Registration only with no breeding rights. 

We can not guarantee the color that your puppy will end up being as a adult.

Cairns are known to change in color. We also cannot guarantee the adult weight of your puppy.

Please initial. ______________You completely understand the above statements.


We recommend that you spay or neuter your puppy at a early age ( around 6 months old ).

Please Note: You will receive Puppy Registration Papers ONLY when I receive proof  from you that your Puppy has been "FIXED" within a period of no later then (7) months old.

If it is not done within that time frame NO Registration Papers will be issued to you !

Your puppy has been checked by OZ Kennels Veterinarian of choice, and is guaranteed to be healthy.  You will be given the puppy's health records that will indicate the dates of treatment for vaccination and worming. By purchasing this puppy, you agree that you will take your puppy to your Veterinarian of choice for a general health check-up.

We require that you take your puppy to your  Vet .

This must be done within ( 4 ) working days of picking up your puppy!

Bring your health records with you as a reference for your Vet visit.

PLEASE NOTE: Your Veterinarian is not to administer worming medication or vaccinations that your puppy has already received ( Dates are stated in your puppy folder ) If the above guidelines are not followed, along with a Vet visit (within 4 working days)  OZ Kennels cannot be held responsible and therefore your puppy purchase agreement will be VOID !

Although all precautions have been taken and the puppy has been treated, the health warranty does not include: any Viral Infections, Parasites, Coccida, or Intestinal issues, as they can be easily treated if necessary. 

Oz Kennels will not be held liable for any expenses incurred after the purchase of your puppy. It is your responsibility as the new owner to see that the puppy gets proper medical care if needed.


Your puppy is guaranteed for a period of ( ONE YEAR )

Against any life threatening congenital defects.

If within the period of one year your puppy is found to have a (life threatening) congenital defect, it is up to you to return the puppy with the original paperwork at your expense ( including any shipping costs associated ). You must have a written statement and phone number from a Licensed Veterinarian stating the health and condition of the puppy. We will then contact our Veterinarian for his opinion as to the puppy's health condition. If our Veterinarian is in agreement the puppy will be replaced . A replacement will be given as soon as a puppy is available.

We do not issue refunds for any reason.

NOTE: IF for any reason in the future you cannot keep your dog please contact me first .

I will try and assist you in placing your dog into a good home.

 I do not want any of our dogs to end up in a animal shelter.


Buyer's Signature:__________________________________________Date:  __________________

Seller's Signature: __________________________________________   Date: ___________________


Buyer's Contact Information:

Name: ____________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________

City: _______________________________State: ______________________Zip Code: _______________

Home phone : _________________________________Cell phone : _____________________________

Email address: ________________________________________________________________

Thank you for your purchase !